G u a r d i a n




you see?


          “Youkai…!?" Pupils dilated quickly as if a mental trigger had just been pulled, her expression growing blank for but a moment.


It was no surprise, though. As one who had been hunted and killed under that very same title, she had deep trauma associated with it. “And what if I was, human? Would you hunt me? I’ve killed many who’ve uttered that claim to me in the past, even though a youkai is not my identity.


        ☾ ■■■The snap of an expression that overrode her face had even caused the samurai to become a bit taken back. He of course, lets go with much respect to her watching as she looked so empty and solem as if she had been in this very moment lost. Words reaching his ears could only make him fathom what had happened to her.
                                     ❝Hnn, is that so? Well a good thing
                                        you killed those who hunted you.
                                        I did the same thing too, when I
                                        was. Heh. But if ya aint a Youkai
                                        then you aint one. Here I thought
                                                                I’d been loookey.

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By the Gods…[Masamune]



Brooding was not a quality known from the viera. Typically she wore a stoic mask to conceal any true emotion underneath. Or occupied herself with a few thugs equipped with wandering hands. Or a combination of the two, depending on the occasion. But today was a particularly fretful evening for her. Failing to “borrow” an airship from another drove her to a rowdy bar to quell the itch. The itch to relive her life as a sky pirate, rather than scurry about as a mere test subject.

And so she stared emptily into the glass containing a soft amber liquid, at a table away from the facility’s vibrancy. Since she took precautions to ensure none would disturb her, Fran was confident she would finally have a night alone away from her apartment.

Except one certain individual watched her from afar, intrigued by her bestial characteristics.

        ☾ ■■■
                                     ❝What a nice set of ears ya
                                        got there. Heh.
                He notes how dreary she looks and if anything that was the primary reason for his approachal. Truthfully, her ears and tiny tail that peeked out from her behind had been a sight for sore eyes—but even the dragon was a bit more respectful than that… Or… Well he liked to believe. Walking through the vibrant bar that seemed to only make his interactions of the norm. Arm rested upon the table whilst his other reached out to touch her ear. 
                                                                Soft and fuzzy.
                                                                                He loved it.



She always forgets just how long her scarf really was. Length was never what mattered to her, but rather its quality and usefulness. She’s had it for awhile; a gift from her mother, it’s a prized possession, and she takes care of it to ensure it’s safe. Of course, with how light it was, it was bound to cause some problems eventually, but she doesn’t see it coming as it’s suddenly being pulled at from behind. Turning, emerald eyes widen ever so slightly as she, gently, tries to tug it away from the stranger.

M-Monsieur, what are you doing?” 

        ☾ ■■■ 
                                     ❝Mon..Su-our? The hell
                                                              is that?❞
               Ignoring the fact that he had just been tugging vehemously at her scarf. The dragon drops everything in regards of discovering what this strange new word had mean’t. Infact he liked it a bit too much. Repeating the word afterwards to himself trying to get it right.
                                     ❝Mon..SEh—our… Mo-
                                        No-suer…. Mon…
                                        Si-er…. Si-ur…
                                        Su—Our…. Eh…❞


"I suppose the outfit doesn’t make me stick out as much as I’ve feared."

They hadn’t talked much. If anything, most of their interaction had just been right place at the long. Daylen had seen some of the man’s incidents, such as racing a horse around the city with prince Edward, but that was about it.

But it at least was a help that he wasn’t the only one stuck in this city for so long. A year now of gossip, drama, and random nudity.

Daylen Amell. It’s quite alright, from what I remember we haven’t really talked. Might I ask for your own in return?”

        ☾ ■■■
                                     ❝Eh, not when your outfit
                                        is a lot more normal then
                                                         what I’ve seen.❞

                He tilts his head slightly, taking in the others form with much interest into what he wore. The dragon supposed.
                                     ❝Date Masamune. Just.
                                         Masamune. Alright, fess
                                         up. Whats with your get

☾ ■■■ Just another day at Citta.

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        ☾ ■■■Eye wavers slightly, as his rather dauntless thoughts come to a halt. The afternoon sunlight decorated through the subway windows, burning his cheeks slightly from the contact. It had been this that had snapped him out of his thoughts, no sooner rubbing his cheeks to gnaw out the after touch of the sun. He’d blink for good measure, turning his head to the side to escape the rays of sunlight collecting within the windows.
                Rising from his seated position among the flock of other waiting passengers. An afterthought that always would bother him, becoming one with the city almost. A horrifying notion in itself; despite his careful efforts he managed to bump rudely into someone. Eye flashing forward to get a look at the face,
                                     ❝Uh sorry ‘bout that—-er here.
                Reaching below, his fingers take hold of the handles of a black bag. Heavy with texture but even more heavier with it’s continents. The samurai looks a bit surprised by the weight, his other hand motioning over to check what was inside before it had been snatched out of his hands. Individual preforming such actions giving him a scowl hidden beneath his hat and sunglasses. Promptly stirring questionable inquiry into his mind. Lips had thinned upon starring further at the duffel bag, clicking noises sounding off as the items inside rumbled about. 
                                                                                 Thanks pal.
                How could one be so utterly incompetent, to carry about weapons in such a manner. Masamune wasn’t uninformed about the violence within the city and how notorious each separate sector could inevitably be. Rather, it had been of his first times to encounter something akin to this. At the same time it could just be his perceptions being misguided, the uncertainty ate at him but he kept a firm eye upon the individual. As if to burn through his guise or frighten the man from acting any further. Something of which the One-eyed Dragon of Oushuu wasn’t foreign to doing, his mere presence scaring armies away from even moving before the war had even began.
                It was his mistake to focus entirely on one man without the presumption that there would be more. Which was a comical thought as the dragon was a man of War and without his right eye. Having to watch his own back without his retainer had been a bad forgetful after thought of his. Still, with the hard object pointing into his back Masamune hadn’t felt the least bit threaten. Just mildly surprised at the events transpiring around him.
                                                                        Pretty sure you saw.
                                                                         And know. You’d do
                                                                         good to keep quiet and
                                                                         not say a thing.
                 Masamune’s casual chuckle had almost caught the offender off guard but he did comply at least to his threat. For the moment, if there was one thing that disgusted him more was shady man making idle threats. Trapped, had been a peculiar way of saying how the dragon was in this very moment. Masamune could move but that also mean’t possibly losing many innocent lives upon the subway train. As they all coddled together with a decent amount of space in between them. He knew his swift movement would only cause a chaos of shots to be released and getting the upper hand before this violent streak occurred was vital. 
                 A intake of breath had no sooner left his lips in a sigh, as he rushed through thoughts on what exactly he should do when he caught sight of a peculiar man across from him. Wooden sword at his side, unexpressed visage as he managed to catch him looking directly into his own eyes, ‘This is better than nothing.
                                      ❝Oi, pal can you grab our bag
                                         above ya before it gets left there.
                                         Had to stop by the lost and found
                                         yesterday since you had left it
                                          there last night. Sauch a prooblam.
                 In truth it had been his, all six of his swords kept within the bag making it easier to transport. As well as made him look a lot less suspicious with the police roaming about confiscating things left and right. Though trusting his prized positions hunted by Matsunaga himself, to a stranger had been a grimacing thought that would leave him feeling disgusted, but with current circumstances. Masamune had little choice but to allow for such events to transpire, he’d give the other a look. Staring intently at him, then flickering up to the bag only to look back at him. He wondered just how well this gruff looking man could read into motion’d actions with his mere eyes or face. The intensity of his expression hadn’t changed despite his casual and playful words.
                                                                         ”Don’t speak. Or I will.”
                                      ❝Just telling my buddy to grab 
                                         our stuff. Don’t wanna make him
                                         too worried.

                 He’d move in due time, but there was much weight on the others reaction and how he’d interact upon opening it. If he would and if he’d care enough to act out on it. At least, he’d hope his expression had given the other some calculative thought for the other to have. There was a gamble to all his actions, if Masamune so much as didn’t follow through with getting the bag down it had mean’t all of this was going to be in vain. More over. Masamune was having faith in what looked like to be a well oft fighter. The muscles that made his frame at least said as much, and noting the wooden sword with him had only mean’t he’d been a peer brought to this city like him once long ago.
                 With these thoughts paving the way for his plan the only thing the dragon could think on was how fast this man could react to seeing a gun pointed in his own direction. Masamune would move out of the way the moment this individual would see that swords were within the bag. Meaning, if the dragon moved in the quick moment of catching his line of sight. It mean’t it was all on how fast the guy could move and cut down the terrorist that would no sooner come to kill them all. A click of his tongue as he waited for the actions to transpire. 
                  To think it all rides on how well this guy could read the air.
                            And react.
                                    And if he cared.
             Not to mention his damn swords would be used by someone else.
                                                      He hated this city.

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        ☾ ■■■ It pisses him off, the way the long scarf wiggles about in the air as the wind blows about. While walking in time behind her, unfortunately they had been going the same direction for some time now, the dragon had nearly gotten hit by it several times. While they waited for the light to switch, he had gotten fed up with it. Grasping at it suddenly and pulling at it.

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        ☾ ■■■
                                     ❝Yo. I got a question.
                He stares over at the other, unprompted inquiry of the other to have his attention. Masamune wasn’t one to care for such things, not feeling the slightest weird or awkward for asking a stranger a question.
                                     ❝What do you think
                                     goes good in a beef stew?



{ ❀ } — “My, you’re shameless. Admitting that so openly? Mention of a brothel or not, it lies the same with me.

As a man who stood by his ideals, this mercenary was never one to back down from a challenge; one he’d initiated especially. Thus he took a step back, narrowed his eyes into a confident glare, and moved to pull his own sword from the sheath at his belt as he’d always done.

The embarrasing toy he was supposed to call a weapon was out in the open; his wooden sword.


He’d completely forgotten about it.  { ❀ } 

        ☾ ■■■

                                     ❝There’s nothing 
                                        shameful ‘bout fucking 
                                             a beautiful woman.
                 The was no remorse in his face, the look of a warrior adorned upon his facial expression. Stoic, uncaring, ready and prepared to take the kids life with the palm of his hands. He knew, the other had no sword but the problem was his own as he hated stated not too long ago. If there was one thing Masamune hated the most; it was wasted ill threats that did nothing but decorate one’s lips
                 Sole’s of his feet pressed firmly upon the ground and with lightning speed something of which Inigio would not have even noted in the quick moments he had realized he’d been unarmed. The dragon was already in motion, the thick of the blade swept nearly upon his face. Doing nothing but cutting a few strands of hair off his bangs.

                                     ❝Don’t make damn threats
                                        with your life on the line
                                        if you can’t commit.❞
As quickly as it had happened, the samurai pulls the sword back. Only to give the kid a good whack against his forehead with the padded back of the hilt. Leaving the impression similar to his eyepatch upon it.
God damn kids.

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        ☾ ■■■
                                     ❝Hnn? Haven’t seen you
                                               around in a while.
                He tilts his head getting a good look at the other. They only met oft a few times, nothing exactly rememberable. Masamune had nearly forgotten about him if completely, had it not been for this exchange. There came some comfort in seeing other people stuck here as long as he, reminded him that he wasn’t alone in this hell hole.
                                     ❝Don’t remember yer
                                                 name though.


     "W-Well, I’m not used to being called beautiful…
     I’m sorry… I-I appreciate the compliment.”

Even if Olivia thought she was a bit plain herself. She certainly wasn’t as beautiful as Khan Flavia. Strong and beautiful. Olivia wished she was like that. But she would have to ust get stronger… If she could. At his words, she can’t help but tilt her head a bit. Lucina was here…? That’s the first she’s heard of that.


     ”T-To be honest, I’m still figuring out who’s here
     and who’s not. I had no idea she was even here…
     You might have to pay her a visit. I think she would
     like that. A-And engaged?! That’s… Surprising.
     I wonder if her father knows this…”

She’ll have to congratulate Chrom for his daughter’s engagement! At Masamune’s words, she simply smiles and nods.

     "Alright, Masamune…!”

        ☾ ■■■
                                     ❝Thanks for belivin’ me then
                                        I hate making the effort 
on speaking the truth but
I was gunna be mad for a
moment if you didn’t 
                                               believe me.
                His hand out stretches and begins to rub at the back of his head. Strands of already messy hair becoming messier. 
                                     ❝Eh… That mean’s ya just
                                       got here then? Ain’t 
                                       surprised about that. 
                                       If you need anything though
                                       just ask. Been in this damn
                                       place for so many years. Che.