G u a r d i a n




you see?


                  THE ONE EYED DRAGON OF CITTA            

         ■ Shift in his gaze, as his only peering eye took a hold of the ever changed landscape. It had been dark suddenly, but much like the light switches of this world. Light had immersed this world once more only for it to be filled much differently then before. Oh so much, the tall buildings were but ants compared to their earlier sizes. They were huts no taller than 8 feet at most, the lot of them looking as if they were in shambles. At this point, the samurai had been versed to such peculiar changes and rather then find himself getting enraged he simple let out a stern, 
         ■☾■ Masamune would shuffle his hands under his armor to further be unimpressed by the sudden placement of his armor upon his body—where as just moments before he adorned his street clothes after having came out from his job. Swords just having to be placed wonderfully onto his sides. Oft came the familiar nickering from his horse not far off and upon glancing over to find that he had been stationed at a stable.
                   The city is havin’ one of it’s freak outs again, eh?
         ■☾■ The unamused scoff that came from his lips had been the epitome of his, ‘done with this shit for the day’. That was until the sudden screaming from a few people had caught his attention, his eye leered to the direction when he found himself staring upon a rampaging boar ramming through the foil and fences set up around a pig pen. How cool Masamune thought idly to himself with a gilded smirk out stretched upon his face. Within seconds his hand had already gripped onto the handle of his katana. Reading and able to take on anything at this point. It had been ages since he fought let alone a worthy opponent. Daily training’s would only provide and prove for so much where as actual combat could provide more.
         ■☾■ Jut of his handle would cause the armor to stir, a clicking of objects which sounded off. Relinquishing his sword from its sheathe he could nearly feel the hunger vibrating into his being. It was as if the sword and he itched for a battle, a swift step forward and he’d yell out,
                   OH—this city is WHA-kAY in it’s tricks but I’ll be damned if I let the
                          first chance I can get ta swing my sword aroung go—-CHE!!
                             I’d be a damn fool, not when all these souls need me help
                                                        —-LETS GET SiRiOU—-

         ■☾■ The words were cut from his mouth as he saw from the corner of his eye suddenly someone jump out and strike at the foe—some how. The one hit had sent the boar dead and Masamune felt himself get heated in more ways then one. He spits angrily, 
                   What the hell is THiS?? DiDN’T YOU SEE I WAS ABOUT TO KILL
                          THE DAMN THING? WHO THE HECK DO YOU THiNK YA ARE?

         ■☾■ The boar of course, laid dead but in its wake was left a box with items for some reason because remember thats how things work in the fantasy world. Even so, for as menacing as a foe as it had appeared to be. The animal had been overly weak, (lvl 1 material). So to say the least, he was a bit more disappointed that he thought he’d met a capable foe… When in fact , he hadn’t.


I started browsing the mini tag and saw this and began to laugh.

I started browsing the mini tag and saw this and began to laugh.




"…how the hell does the tide of conversation change so quickly in this city."

                                ❝ You go with the FROW and don’t think ‘bout it

                                              Did someone say, Party?

                                                                                            Picks his nose, “Kids.


Oh my, a host club? Perhaps I should see this myself.


Alone Again. Naturally.



"Am I destined to be alone? I cannot stand being in this empty house any longer." He sighed as sat outside his little cottage, the bright colors and warm feelings were no longer there.

"I just really need somebody right now."

        The silence and peace along with its tranquil means would come to an end. With an abrupt crash, as a single ball slammed through glass and wood. Piercing right into the heart of his home until it had been winded by the countless objects it had shot through. Rolling around the floor, a single baseball. And if perchance he’d look out the window, there would sit a single individual looking cocky as ever.

                                                     ❝Oi, my bad.